Sacred Union


Sacred Union is my latest work. It has taken close to 6 months to complete and has been an epic journey of healing and emotion to bring it to life. 

Continue reading after the Painting to learn more about what went into this painting.


A brief look into Sacred Union

There are many key elements encoded within Sacred Union. All of which present a potential for me to dive deep into philosophy and detailed study on the inter-dimensional  nature of existence and how we relate to it. Honestly, I would need a series of seminars to accurately translate the deeper meanings within this painting. So here on the website I am going to keep it as short and concise as possible.

I am also currently writing a book about Sacred Union for those who wish to dive deeper into our multi-dimensionality.

The painting comprises of 4 dominant figures: the Lion (Higher self) , Masculine, feminine, and inner child. 

The top section of this painting denotes the "higher realms of existence" and the more "Sacred/ Angelic Realms", whereas the bottom section represents the denser, physical realms and the energies that are attracting our future experience. 

The basic message from Sacred Union is that the pathway to integrating all of these various archetypal aspects of ourselves, and to allowing our divine nature to pass through into our lives is through the healing of our "inner child". 

The belief systems and traumatic experiences we have as children create an energetic barrier within the body & mind that prevents the "higher vibrational" aspects of our "angelic" selves from passing through into our physical reality. By walking the spiritual path of healing our inner child's belief systems we gradually learn to open our energy up to the rest of our nature. Proceeding to bring them all together into one Integrated being, capable of shinning our true light in even the "darkest" of places. 

One could view this painting as separate elements, however it is in fact one being - depicted in the process of tying all their different energetic archetypes together. Some call this process "healing", however I personally call it integration. As the term "healing" implies total ownership of the changing energy and therefore disregards the rest of energy field and prevents the integration happening smoothly. 

If you focus your attention to the outside edges of the painting, you can see that the whole energy of the painting is contained within one lighter toroidal field. 

This is the energy field around our being that comprises all of the energies we are "carrying around" with us. The more we work through the puzzle of our own inner geometry, processing our own energies, and the collectives alike, we continue to eradicate the denser energies from our fields, allowing our outer toroidal energy field to "shine" even brighter into the world.

You are a divine being, and there is not one single energy that isn't welcome. You have the inner power to transmute ALL the energies that come into your field, and turn them into the purest of lights for the world. 

Thankyou for reading this brief description of Sacred Union. If you would like to know more, please contact me directly via my contact page. 

Sacred Union
Creation process video