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This work is the first completion of 2020 & is intended to provoke the heart.

I encourage you to see beyond the mask and dig deeper into the meaning of this painting. It’s time to Open your eyes and see the profound truth that connects us all.

It moves us into a reflection of where we come from; and where we are choosing to live. There are No better times such as now, during this world “pandemic” to dig deep & realise this truth: we are destroying our home, destroying our minds, raping our children of a sustainable & connected future & sentencing ourselves & the earth to mass illness. 

We have all experienced this “pain” in our personal lives- do we want to continue this way?

Passing this tragedy through generations? 

I believe that every single person on earth, no matter the life’s they’ve led, if they dig deep enough would come to the same answer. 


It starts with you, listen to your wounds; they are the pathway home.

The responsibility is ours. Is YOURS. It’s time for change and YOU know it!

Boundless Self

Underneath the facade of day to day life, beyond our accumulated belief systems, lies a raw & undeniable truth that "connects" us all.


An energetic truth that every one of us recognises deep within, where the masked veil of light & language hasn't yet touched. A mindless & profoundly simple place that doesn't know any language or description.

Even after centuries of "false victories", humanity still remains in a rather comical & futile battle to explain & describe this truth- collectively & individually.


Despite our best attempts to comprehend this phenomena of existence, we struggle to link the apparent inner and outer worlds together. An endeavour that most of the world has spent centuries trying to master.

The truth is, there is no comprehendible explanation that the rational mind will be happy with, & the only possible resolve is found within the profound INNER realisation that YOU ARE the truth you've been looking for.


We all have the potential to know this deeply, if only we would give it a chance. Once we release our attachment to the delusional stories of seperation we have collectively told ourselves & our compelling need to describe this place to others has been dissolved, the only possible place that remains is a wordless, unwavering place of "loving peace".

The place of the "boundless Self"



Each and everyone of us has a face which we use daily to interact with and communicate with our environment. A character which has been given to us by our enviroment within our childhood. A character enforced,

Some of us our blessed with the ability to be comfortable & supported within this outer identity. 

But for many others, the outer demands and expectations of others & of life can become too much.