"The freedom unlocked through painting echoes throughout your daily life for eternity " 

Sessions & Classes


Painting is such a broad subject with so many different areas and techniques to get lost into that many people I meet simply get overwhelmed and don't know where to start, and therefore never do.

In my eyes this is an atrocity!


My sessions are about learning how to remove ourselves from set boundaries of "how it should be done", and work on unleashing the inner knowing that lives inside you. 

The vortex of painting can bring us to a place of inner-peace, harmony, through tears of joy- allowing abundance to flow into our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. 

  • I am currently offering 1-1 / closed friendship group sessions only

  • Open-group classes will resume again soon.

Please contact me direct for all enquiries

Thick Blue Smoke

All 1-1 Sessions are tailored specifically to your needs & desires.

I am simply here to assist and encourage you to open your doors to your own inner creativity.

What awaits?

  • Increased Inner peace with a larger and brighter smile

  • A deeper understanding on how colour and form can be interpreted to provide a door to your subconscious limitations

  • Freedom from limiting belief systems

  • Tools and techniques for moving into a meditative space through art

  • A stronger connection to your inner playfulness

  • Lighter and more focused attention 

  • A deeper connection to your inner truth

  • A quieter mind

  • A new emotional outlet

  • A deeper ease of being

  • Opening of spiritual experiences

  • A stronger certainty of purpose

  • Greater confidence 

  • Heart opening experiences

  • A more integrated feeling throughout your life

  • Much, much more, that words cannot express

 Session Pricing

1.5 hour 1-1 session - $60

( Art materials not included )