" Bringing others imagination into fruition is a joyful honour " 

Art Commissions

At some point in our lives, most of us will experience profound shifts within our inner being. Many of these  are sacred & spiritual openings that are indescribable, yet completely life changing. They can be pivotal moments in our lives that we don't wish to forget.

Many of my painting commissions are transcriptions of these personal experiences that stay with my clients for the rest of their lives, acting as an anchor to their spiritual truth when life leads them down a tough path. 

Design Commissions

I work with a wide range of clients to fulfil a various caliber of unique design needs. Ranging from business orientated design work to the more personal. 

These are some examples of different projects I have worked with:

  • Websites forPersonal & Startup businesses 

  • Logo design

  • Presentation decks for big corporations

  • Home Interior design

  • Personalised Artwork for Clothing Design 

  • Music Album artwork 

  • Book Cover Designs

  • Customised Artwork 

  • Tattoo Design

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Vibrational Code

Vibrational code is a method used to purely transcribe the energy of the present moment without limitations of our minds belief systems. 

Using this code allows us to move vibrationally through our emotions and relations, eventuating in a closer connection with our inner being. 

People I have worked with use their personalised codes for various design purposes: Mainly as tattoo design because of their strong bond with the personalised code, but also for logo design and other purposes. 

I am also working on a new healing modality using vibrational code for Holistic healing purposes, stay tuned to find our more. 

Wet Paintbrushes